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5 fashion exhibitions you must see before the end of 2017

Fashion lovers don’t just flock to fashion weeks or stay updated on the latest accessory trends: they also have their shelves stock full of books on...
18-08-2017 18:51

Tell me how you do your hair and I’ll tell you what ce

In the hottest days of the summer, all of us who have long hair will do the same thing: we will put our hair up to avoid death from being cooked by th...
17-08-2017 18:52

How to wear white in the summer, creatively

Normally, we tend to think of white as a romantic and feminine color, and our minds immediately go to our favorite summer dresses. But don’t you thi...
17-08-2017 18:52

What to do if you got a sunburn: a guide

Let me be brutally honest: if you got a sunburn, you either a) spent too much time in the sun b) did not protect you skin, which means the god of SPF ...
16-08-2017 18:56

Summer 2017: the perfect time to catch up on the best TV ser

What does it mean to be off work and school" There can be a billion answers to that questions, because pretty much each of us gives it a different mea...
14-08-2017 18:51

Shop the style… Jesse Jo Stark

Every city has the “popular girl” we would all like to be friends with, or whose style be would like to be able to imitate. Los Angeles has one, a...
14-08-2017 18:51

At Yincool Fashion Weekend, hunting for new Latvian, Chinese

If we say white sand and untouched beaches, what pops into your mind" Probably some Caribbean island, right" No, that’s not where we are! We’re in...
11-08-2017 18:51

You can’t say you’ve been to Italy unless you

How often do we sing the praises of Italy on this megazine" The sea, the mountains, the lakes, the parks ? each one more gorgeous than the next. Still...
11-08-2017 18:51

Pool party" Be daring with colored makeup

It’s not summer until someone says: pool party! So you must be ready for whenever an invitation comes your way for a super cool party, and stock you...
10-08-2017 18:52

Shop the style: Simi Haze

Sama and Haya Khadra, also known on social media as @simihaze, are our favorite twins in the world of fashion after the Olsen sisters. Originally from...
10-08-2017 18:52

How to wear “couture” pieces during the day

We tend of think ofcouture collectionsas fit for princesses, their dreamy, eye-catchingpiecesreserved for the ultra special events… but what if ...
09-08-2017 18:51

Beach hairstyles: unleash your creativity!

One of the recurring nightmares of a beauty addict is a bad hair day at the beach, especially for those of us with unruly hair. Saltwater, the sun, an...
08-08-2017 18:52

The camera roll Q&A with Federico Gallo, best young che

He’s barely turned 30, but he already has a Michelin star under his belt: chef Federico Gallo has taken the Locanda del Pilone to restaurant stardom...
08-08-2017 18:52

The most beautiful artist homes in the world ? from Frida to

When you love and enjoy somebody’s art ? whether it takes the form of painting or poetry ? do you ever daydream about the place where the lines were...
07-08-2017 18:51

How to dress for a romantic date on the beach at sunset

Whether you have a partner or are single and looking for one, summer is the best time of the year to have a significant other. Envision this scene, wo...
07-08-2017 18:51

Designer to know: Act n1

Luca Lin and Galib Gassanoff are the designers behind Act n1: a melting pot of Chinese, Italian, and Georgian culture, to tell their stories and thei...
04-08-2017 18:51

Summer 2017: 5 cheap destinations in Italy (for late bookers

The closer we get to our much-desired summer vacations, the more we can’t wait to lay down in the sun. If you’re one of those late bookers who alw...
04-08-2017 18:51

How to accentuate your eyelashes without mascara: dyeing, pe

2017 is the year of eyebrows ? nothing to say about that. Yet, we’ve been thinking this over, and we realized that poor eyelashes got neglected rece...
04-08-2017 18:51

Bye bye, matching manicures: mix & match nails are the

When it comes to fingernails, we feel like we’ve seen it all and then some. Between the runways and the street style, it’s hard to imagine anyone ...
03-08-2017 18:51

Shop the style: Cline Dion

If you thought a 5-Grammy singer likeCline Dion could lie forgotten among your best keepsakes from the 90s, time to think again: she’s made a come...
03-08-2017 18:51

?Pet-friendly vacations: 5 destinations to enjoy with your f

No way we will ever give up taking our pets with us on vacation: they are more than friends ? they are our precious confidants and a neverending sourc...
03-08-2017 18:51

How to pack the beauty bag for your hand luggage

Counting down the days yet" We can’t wait! Our vacations are getting closer, and it’s about time we started packing. Whether you’re going to spe...
02-08-2017 18:51

Sailing Fashionably With Your Squad: Be Picture-Ready!

Time spent with your girlfriends, no boys allowed, is one of the joys of life, and for some squad quality time there’s just nothing better than taki...
02-08-2017 18:51

Woman Crush Wednesday: Sofia Boutella

Beautiful dark eyes revealing her Algerian origins, the fit body of someone who’s made the gym their second home, and now a successful acting career...
02-08-2017 18:51

Cliff Diving: The Best Places to Jump into Adventure

“They’re certainly wonderful places – nothing to say about that! Still, do they inspire you to dive from a height of up to 88 feet, from a rock,...
01-08-2017 18:51

Your handy guide to curls, according to 3 curly girls

It already happened when we talked about tattoos: I realized that with my pin-straight hair, I was not qualified to advise you on how to manage your c...
01-08-2017 18:51

Dress Like… Sophie Turner – a.k.a Sansa Stark in

‘Tis the season! The season to plop onto your couch to watch the new Game of Thrones episodes. Want to know what we like best about the show" How th...
01-08-2017 18:51

Tell Me What Kind of Swimsuit You Wear And I’ll Tell Y

Choosing your swimsuit is not easy: there’s a specific flattering suit for every body shape ? the one that makes us feel so confident. It happened t...
31-07-2017 18:53

Man Crush Monday: Mena Massoud

“Make way for Prince Ali! Say hey! It’s Prince Ali” Does it ring a bell" Let us help you: it’s from a popular Disney movie. You got it, it’s...
31-07-2017 18:53

Our Guide to Red Lipsticks: Choosing the Right Shade

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always associated adulthood with owning a red lipstick. I don’t know where this idea came from ? maybe it was...
31-07-2017 18:53

Colored Eyebrows 101: A Fast-Growing Fashion Trend

If you’d told me, just a few months ago, that one day I’d want to get coloredeyebrows, I would have told you that you were mad as a hatter. Me, w...
28-07-2017 18:51

How to wear your favorite sportswear pieces during the day

Whetherit’s just too hot to hit the gym or (we won’t tell) you are just too lazy to move more than you absolutely have to, don’t worry. We have...
28-07-2017 18:51

Unesco World Heritage Sites: new in for 2017!

Our planet has so many undiscovered, unbelievable wonders, a few of which get added to the well-known Unesco World Heritage Site list every year. Year...
28-07-2017 18:51

The Ultimate Summer Outfit for the Office: blazer jacket + b

Everybody knew the semi-formal look built aroundblazerswas here to stay (at least for a couple seasons), but have you given some good thought to you...
28-07-2017 18:51

TBS TASTE: Breakfast among greenery and flamingos at LBar,

Italian pop music, large windows which open onto a cute yard, and golden flamingos welcoming you in: this is how you step into LBar for breakfast, as...
28-07-2017 18:51

Beach Essentials: How to Pack a Foolproof Beauty Case for th

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to packing for the beach (and packing my beauty case in particular), it just feels overly complicated. Not...
28-07-2017 18:51

Woman Crush Wednesday: Isabela Moner

Born in 2001 (does it get any more Millennial than that"), she’s alreadybeen called the teenage prodigy of Hollywood, thanks to a number of importa...
26-07-2017 18:51

TBS Wellness: We danced and twirled in the air for you with

Some sports you just have to try at least once in your lifetime; if it’s new and a little crazy, then yours truly are definitely into it. That’s e...
26-07-2017 18:51

How to dress like you’re coming from Space

One of the biggest runway trends this season are shiny materials like metallic leather, paillettes and vinyl as we could see at Saint Laurent’s, at ...
26-07-2017 18:51

The perfect match: your favorite sneakers with a dress

Sure, dresses look amazing in combination with heels. Those shoes do not only make our legs look model-like, they also give us this super sexy body co...
25-07-2017 18:52

5 Gorgeous Libraries in Hotels

In addition to being the time to recharge your batteries (ideally at the beach), summer vacations are also your chance to finally delve into a book. O...
25-07-2017 18:52

Beauty Brand 2 know: Le Labo

Eddie Roschi and Fabrice Penot are the two co-founders of Le Labo, the New York-based fragrance brand born from their love for quality products and fo...
25-07-2017 18:52

How to look more elegant in yellow than in black

When it comes to an elegant dresscode, the first thing popping up in our minds is black. But let?s be honest, even if this might be the best choice, y...
24-07-2017 18:51

Man Crush Monday: Tom Holland

He’s on everyone’s lips right now, both for his personal life and his work: Tom Holland is the new Spider-Man, one of the most sought-after actors...
24-07-2017 18:51

Biotherm And The Spring Of Eternal Youth

The story goes that many centuries ago, in an area of the Pyrenees not far from the town of Perpignan, a group of Gallo-Roman soldiers bathed in a the...
24-07-2017 18:51

6 of the Best Blue Flag Beaches for Your Summer, in 6 Countr

There are some save-the-dates that you should always be careful not to forget about, such as when Blue Flag beaches are announced for the upcoming sum...
21-07-2017 18:51

5 looks to wear boots in summer

We know, you’re thinking, Has TBS Crew’s gone nuts" Boots in the summer". But humor us for a second: what if you really are not into sandals" No...
21-07-2017 18:51

Summer 2017 makeup trends: Ombr Lips make a comeback

We’ve said it again and again: trends are cyclical. Which means in one’s lifetime, one gets to see a trend make a comeback, sometimes more than on...
21-07-2017 18:51

How to smell like summer: our favorite perfumes that can las

The fragrance of summer is so hard to describe. It has something to do with the seaside, ice cream, the sunsets, and vacations. But that’s a bit vag...
20-07-2017 18:52

TBS TASTE: a slow food lunch at DesinoLento

Excellent ingredients, lighter and healthier reinventions of traditional cuisines, and a carefully-designed, classy decor that can be altered dependin...
20-07-2017 18:52

Dressing like a modern ballerina in the city

Since Maria Grazia Chiuri joined Dior, it’s been one success after another, and she’s made us dream with aballerinastyle out of a dream. So what...
20-07-2017 18:52

Strolling around Milano

Brera was a fascinating neighbourhood, where an air of history and mystery coexisted. Amelia was walking through the sunny streets as a light breeze c...
19-07-2017 18:52

Woman Crush Wednesday: Nathalie Emmanuel

The wait is over, winter is here! The seventh season of Game of Thrones started this week: where did we leave our favorite characters" Where’s Jon S...
19-07-2017 18:52

5 beauty-related accounts you must follow on Instagram

As the days, months, and years go by, Instagram remains our favorite social media! Especially when it comes to hunting for inspiration ? nothing compa...
19-07-2017 18:52

The little beauty guide to LA

The West Coast has been Chiara’s second home for some time now, so it was only a matter of time before a beauty guide to LA came your way! About tim...
18-07-2017 18:52

Beauty Brand 2 Know: Smith & Cult

Dineh Mohajer had her first breakthrough in the cosmetic industry at 22, when she was a Biochemistry major at the University of Southern California; b...
18-07-2017 18:52

How to dress like your favorite Disney princess and look sup

Some things never change. Like the memory that pops up in your mind when some stranger in the subway wears the same perfume as your mom. Like the feel...
18-07-2017 18:52

?Man Crush Monday: Dane DeHaan

What do Germany, Italy, and Wales have in common" All three countries are part of the origins and background of this week’s Man Crush, Dane DeHaan. ...
17-07-2017 18:51

Tea dresses are the trending item all fashionistas are queui

Lean back and imagine it’s sunday. A beautiful summer sunday afternoon precisely, and the sun is shining, birds are singing in the trees and all yo...
17-07-2017 18:51

Our how-to guide to healthier, thicker eyebrows

Eyebrows have been a hot topic for at least three years at this point and are the protagonist of makeup trends: they make or break how good your face ...
17-07-2017 18:51

Summertime in Milan: 5 Pools to Escape the City Heat in The

Locals have heard this a million times: “Milan would be the perfect city if only it was on the sea!”. There’s some truth to it: a nice beach is ...
14-07-2017 18:51

Fun With Colored Pencils: Fall Winter 2017-2018 Trend

Generally speaking, when we talk about makeup trends from the runways we’re looking into the future (currently meaning the Fall Winter of 2017-2018!...
14-07-2017 18:51

Designer 2 know: Kreist

Kreistis a Polish brand designed by Krzystof Strozyna and our latest brand to follow.Kreisthas recently presented their third season, and our favo...
14-07-2017 18:51

Waterproof Makeup: How To Remove It

We’ve said it time and again: removing your makeup is Beauty Routine 101, because a clean and moisturized skin translates into a younger and more be...
13-07-2017 18:51

How To Use Dry Shampoo: A Guide For Newbies and Pros

Whenever I listen to my friends’ beauty-related conversations, when the topic shifts to dry shampoos, I seem to hear the same question over and over...
13-07-2017 18:51

Woman Crush Wednesday: Aiden Curtiss

She’s 19, she’s a model, and she has an impressive pedigree: Aiden Curtiss, our crush this week, inherited the blood and the beauty of her mother,...
13-07-2017 18:51

Office Wear For Those Super Hot Summer Days

In wintertime, we’re all dreaming of summer, and when summer finally comes, we’re all desperate for a little coolness! How demanding can we be" Th...
13-07-2017 18:51

48 Hours in Engadin: mountains, sun and SPA

When you think of summer,Switzerland is probably not the first place to pop into your mind. We Italians, like many others, tend to think of the seasi...
13-07-2017 18:51


An open-air ride in a covertible, winding through the narrow streets of Amalfi, a day spent on a boat in awe of the sky melting into the sea: Amalfi a...
13-07-2017 18:51

Summer 2017: The Hottest And Wildest Italian Beach Bars

When we think about our summer vacations, we think of ourselves as tanned, relaxed, and most importantly, always ready to party! With our alarms set o...
11-07-2017 18:52

Beauty Brand 2 Know: Pretty Vulgar

American, vintage, and super glam: these are the words that perfectly describe Pretty Vulgar, the new makeup brand that everybody’s been talking ab...
11-07-2017 18:52

TREND: extremely cat eye sunglasses

Looking for the perfect accessories to complete your summer looks" Look no more. Extremely cat eye sunglasses are the best option: with their exaggera...
11-07-2017 18:52

Man Crush Monday: Aidan Turner

How good it feels to start our week writing our Crush about a guy with a positive attitude, considerable talent, and who never got things handed out t...
10-07-2017 18:51

Thin Hair Survival Tricks For The Summer

Do you have fine, thin hair, of the kind that gets greasy very quickly" Fellow owners of fine hair, this post is for you. Have hope: there’s light a...
10-07-2017 18:51

How to dress like a cowgirl in the city

Have you ever daydreamed about leaning against the porch of a range, in the middle of the Wild West, watching your handsome cowboy riding back home to...
10-07-2017 18:51

Spotlight on your bottom eyelashes: Open Looks for Fall Wint

Remember Twiggy, the 1960s model" If you do, then you’ll remember her big eyes, exaggerated by superlong bottom eyelashes. Well, this bottom-eyelash...
07-07-2017 18:51

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