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Trends: Sixties are back!

Sixties are going to be the coolest trend for 2018. During the latest fashion weeks, one of the most influential decades for contemporary fashion rega...
17-03-2018 18:51

Lipsticks: which is your fave colour for spring-summer 2018&

All the colours for your lips. In spring summer 2018, we’ll have so many lipstick colours to wear: the new collections are exploring every kind of t...
16-03-2018 18:52

Fashion: the most influential designers right now

Who are the most influential designer now" There’s a new generation of fashion desingers that in the latest years had completely broke the rules of ...
15-03-2018 18:52

A chat with Candyfornia Studio: hyperreal Los Angeles vibes

An adult fairytale, where an artificial and dreamy Los Angeles is the perfect set for unreal but so glamourous photoshoots. This is Candyfornia Studi...
15-03-2018 18:52

Inspire me: purple is the colour of the season

Which is the colour for spring-summer 2018" Purple! You should know very well that Pantone crowned Ultraviolet as the trendiest colour for 2018, estab...
14-03-2018 18:51

Models on Instagram: our top 10

Once upon a time, to know a bit more about top models’ lives, we had to wait paparazzi photos on magazines and newspapers. Now, thank to Instagram w...
14-03-2018 18:51

10 must have bags you should have in 2018

Spring-summer 2018 is so close ald the hunt for the coolest bag is officially opened. Which are the must have bags that we should have in our closet" ...
13-03-2018 18:52

Shimmer and glossy hair: 3 beauty tips

The coolest trend for 2018" Sparkle. We’re not talking about clothes: hair must shine as well. Hair stylists decided it: glossy and shimmer hair are...
13-03-2018 18:52

Beautiful and posh like…queens and princesses!

Queens and princesses don’t exist only in fairy tales. Even in 2018, many of them are real role models. Once upon a time, royal marriages were more ...
12-03-2018 18:51

Trends: all the socks shoes you need to have for spring

Socks shoes were one of the coolest winter trend. But don’t panic: if they were your MVP too, you’ll be happy to know that we are goint to wear th...
12-03-2018 18:51

Movies to watch: Wonder

Next movie to watch" If you still haven’t, we suggest you to watch Wonder, based on the novel by R.J. Palacio. It’s about August Pullman, a boy wi...
11-03-2018 18:51

Beauty: naturale makeup is the coolest style for 2018

The coolest makeup for spring 2018" The answer is: natural makeup! It’s been a few season â€œno makeup-makeup”  has become makeup artists’ fave ...
10-03-2018 18:51

The most beautiful celebrity couples on the red carpet

During this award season, we’ve seen so many celebrity couples on the red carpet. They’re beautiful, deeply in love at they make our hearts beat f...
10-03-2018 18:51

Beautiful celebrity mother-daughter pairs: genetic is no jok

The new red carpet trend" Take your mother or your daughter as your date! We’ve seen recentyly at the Oscars: rising Hollywood star Zoe Kravitz deci...
10-03-2018 18:51

Jeff Koons, where to see his works

Jeff Koons is for sure one the most relevant artist of the latest 40 years. Who doesn’t know his famour works like Balloon dog and all the other inf...
09-03-2018 18:51

Trends: the floral dresses (and much more) we’ll wear

Despite the cold, it’s time for us to think about spring dresses. The warm season, at least on the calendar, is very close, that’s why we shouldnâ...
09-03-2018 18:51

Trends: the best outerwear to wear in fall-winter 2018

Which is the best outerwear to wear in fall-winter 2018" Fashion weeks are over and we need to know which trends will shape our closet next year. In t...
08-03-2018 18:51

Power women: our fave charitable celebrities

They’re beautiful, powerful, famous
that’s why they decided to give back all the amazing things they received in life to others. Today it’s Wo...
08-03-2018 18:51

Paris fashion week: our top looks

Paris fashion week is over and it’s time to decide which are the best collection we saw on the catwalks. Here you are top looks!   Dior FW 18 Dior ...
07-03-2018 18:51

Inspire me: big yes to yellow!

Yellow is in fashion this summer. We’re so sure about it because, during these fashion weeks, fashion people crowned it as the most relevant shade i...
07-03-2018 18:51

Fashion: 5 must have for spring-summer 2018

Despite the cold, spring-summer 2018 is very close and our wardrobe is waiting to be filled with new clothes and accessories. Which are the must have ...
06-03-2018 18:52

Trends: this is how coat will take you into spring 2018

With this crazy climate, only coats can help us to get through winter and welcome spring. With Burian wind at North and Scirocco at South, it’s not ...
06-03-2018 18:52

Oscars 2018: all the best looks we’ve seen on the red

The Oscars red carpet was the event we were all waiting for. After Golden Globe’s black dress code and Grammy Awards white roses, the spotlight was ...
05-03-2018 18:51

Trends: why parka is the coolest in winter, but also in spri

In these super cold days, parka was for many of us the best jacket to wear under the snow. How could we even think to survive to these freezing temper...
05-03-2018 18:51

Fashion: our favourite Oscar Dresses of all time!

The Academy Awards night is one of the most important event for fashionistas: designers contend each other which actress to dress for the Night, cr...
04-03-2018 18:52

Happy B-day Jessica!

While her husband Justin (not to be confused with Bieber!) makes us dance with his hit ?Say Something?, Jessica Biel turns off the candles, now she is...
03-03-2018 18:52

#BBtips with Manuele Mameli: everything you need to know on

The make up trend for 2018" Metallic eyeshadows! Manuele Mameli, Chiara Ferragni‘s make up artist and our #BBtips contributor, explains how to creat...
02-03-2018 18:51

Baby that?s Burian outside! 3 travel ideas for a sunny weeke

Winter has finally come thanks to Burian, this super cold wind that covered half of Italy with snow. So we’ve a very good reason to escape from the ...
02-03-2018 18:51

Oscars 2018: the 9 best movies (and 1 more) to see this week

Are your ready for 2018 Oscars" There’s only 72 hours left to see all the movies that conquered the best picture nomination. We suggest you to watch...
01-03-2018 18:51

Sneakers: 10 rules you need to know

Sneakers, sneakers
we’re so obsessed by sneakers! Once upon a time, someone even created the word “sneakerhead” to define people that are craz...
28-02-2018 18:51

Inspire me: don’t be shy, wear orange!

The brightest colour for spring summer 2018" Orange! It’s not an easy to wear shade, but at the same time we love to dress in orange when the warm s...
28-02-2018 18:51

A chat with Ecce Homo, the Instagram account for fashion man

He likes to open the sparkling curtains of fashion shows to unveil fashion in its naked truth. That’s Ecce Homo mission: capture moments and details...
27-02-2018 18:51

Trends: vinyl and pvc for a super glossy spring-summer 2018

Latex and patent leather made our outfits shining through this cold cold winter. We’ve a very good news for you: the glossy-glossy effect will be ou...
27-02-2018 18:51

Trends: this is how we’ll wear shirts in spring-summer

Which is the never withut fashion piece for next spring-summer 2018" Shirt, no doubt! Among the trendiest clotches in 2018, we’re going to wear shir...
26-02-2018 18:51

Celebrity couples: when fashion icons fall in love with rapp

Fashion icons and rappers always got along very well: we see them sitting next to each other in fashion shows’ front rows, working together on speci...
26-02-2018 18:51

Hair: 4 Nineties trends that are fashionable in 2018

Nineties was such a cool decade for our hair. Yes, even if you would like to hide under the ground when you find some old photos, the hairstyles that ...
25-02-2018 18:51

Best TV series right now: our top 5

We absolutely adore TV series
how could we ever organize our week without them" In the latest years, we had the chance to discover so many quality p...
24-02-2018 18:51

Beauty: 3 anti-pollution products for every budget

Smog and pollution are the numer one enemies for our skin. In thee latest weeks withou rain, the bad air quality has the most negative impact on our s...
23-02-2018 18:51

London fashion week: our top looks

London fashion week ended a few days ago and it’s time to see which are the fall-winter 2018-2019 that made our hearts beat. Here you are our top 3!...
23-02-2018 18:51

Milan Fashion week: 3 places where to eat and stay

Are you planning a weekend in Milan during fashion week" So you can’t arrive in the city without even knowing where to eat and stay. We’re sure yu...
22-02-2018 18:51

The man behind Moschino: Jeremy Scott

Everyone at the MFW talks about him, Jeremy Scott! “He is the Andy Warhol of Fashion!” “He is the last fashion rebel!” “He’s the only desi...
22-02-2018 18:51

Depop: shop Chiara Ferragni’s closet

Chiara Ferragni loves Depop. You know for sure that she has one of the most followed account of the 8 millions users social marketplace where you can ...
21-02-2018 18:51

Inspire me: pure white is the hottest colour for spring-summ

White is the hottest colour for 2018. Not only for spring-summer, obviously, but also for fall-winter. Someone considers it a colour, others not, but ...
21-02-2018 18:51

Milan fashion week: the events you can’t miss

Milan fashion week has just started and we’re super curious about all the new fall-winter 2018-2019 collections we’re going to see on the runways....
20-02-2018 18:51

Beauty: Eyeliner is the coolest trend for spring-summer 2018

Eyeliner is undoubtedly the hottest make up trend for spring-summer 2018. Why are we so sure about it" Because it dominated the latest catwalk shows, ...
20-02-2018 18:51

Mood: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air…and his iconic style

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is one of the TV series that have a special place in our hearts. It’s been almost 30 years since the first episode aired...
19-02-2018 18:51

Cara is back!

Guess who’s back" Incredulous looks and huge excitement, Cara Delevingne is back on the catwalk! After two years of absence from the fashion shows, ...
19-02-2018 18:51

Trends: top 5 from spring-summer 2018 collections

What are we going to wear in spring-summer 2018" There are so many trends for next season that we saw last fashion weeks, but 5 are your next never wi...
17-02-2018 18:51

New York fashion week: our top looks

New York fashion week officially kicked off the new fashion month for fall-winter 2018/2019. On the Big Apple’s catwalks, we took a bite of what weâ...
16-02-2018 18:51

Intimissimi, Chiara is the new Empowered Woman of the brand

What makes an Empowered Woman" For Intimissimi, the skill to inspire and motivate the others with words, actions
actually, being herself. Just like ...
15-02-2018 18:51

Disney princesses: which one is your favourite"

There’s a Disney princess in all of us. We bet you to say the opposite! Animated films heroins, sometimes, have been real model for us. Loyalty, dev...
15-02-2018 18:51

Valentine’s Day: 10 cult kisses from movies…and

On Valentine’s day we need kisses, not words! Romantic, passionate
movie kisses. We’ve seen so many beautiful kisses on screen and TV that made ...
14-02-2018 18:51

Trends: red is the coolest colour for 2018

We can wear red in the whole year, little by little. A sweater in the hottest shade can break grey and black jacket monotony in winter, while in summe...
14-02-2018 18:51

Trends: high-waisted pants are spring-summer 2018 must-have

High-waisted pants are the real spring -summer 2018 must have. What" Have you already heard something like that" Actually, it’s been some seasons th...
13-02-2018 18:51

Valentine’s Day: wear red on your lips

There’s only one colour on Valentine’s day: red! Love, passion
there are so many feelings we link to this shade, as much as the reasons we choos...
13-02-2018 18:51

Justin Timberlake: from ‘N Sync to “Man of the w

Justin Timberlake has been in the spotlight in these days. After Super Bowl exhibition, his lates album â€œMan of the woods” debuted at the top of t...
12-02-2018 18:51

Carnival: 5 sexy and funny ideas to amaze everyone

Carnival‘s hottest moment is here: mardi gras! IF youre still desperately looking for some sexy, funny and amazing costume, we have something for yo...
12-02-2018 18:51

Happy birthday Jennifer Aniston! Rachel wants a Friends reun

Happy birthday, Jennifer Aniston! The actress that made famous Friends’ Rachel Green today will blow on 49 candels. A few days ago, when she was a g...
11-02-2018 18:51

Sanremo Festival: Michelle Hunziker top looks

There’s no doubt Michelle Hunziker is the queen of Sanremo. The Festival hostess surprised us with her beautiful gowns, made by italian designers. W...
09-02-2018 18:51

Bianca, Vittoria and Mariacarla: 3 made in Italy top models

We’re going to see so many top models up and down the runways in this fashion month, and among them there are three italians you can’t miss. You a...
08-02-2018 18:51

Celebrity tattoos: the bigger (or the smaller), the better&q

Tattoos, since forever, are a way to express your personality. Celebrities, who work with creativity, consider them as a medium to tell about themselv...
08-02-2018 18:51

Instagram: 3 must have apps for influencer inspired selfies

Nothing, today, it’s worthier than a nice photo on Instagram. Ok, we’re joking, but you know how hundreds of likes can turn your day in a positive...
07-02-2018 18:51

Valentine’s Day: the ultimate gift guide for every cou

Valentine’s day is in a week and you’re still looking for the perfect present for your sweetheart" No worries, this time you can count on us and e...
07-02-2018 18:51

#BBtips with Manuele Mameli: Chiara’s Haute couture we

The Blonde Salad unveils #BBtips – The Blonde Beauty tips, our new monthly column about make up and beauty. Manuele Mameli, Chiara Ferragni‘s make...
06-02-2018 18:52

Trends: logomania

A few years ago, logos were considered the tackiest element ever on a dress or an accessory. We couldn’t deal with them printed on canvas or plastic...
05-02-2018 18:51

Kylie Jenner is a mother! That’s how we want to see he

Finally she broke the news: Kylie Jenner had a baby girl! Kardashian‘s yungest member yesterday shocked the internet, revealing with a surprise anno...
05-02-2018 18:51

Balenciaga and Yeezy, when advertising meets streetstyle

Balenciaga and Yeezy were the last brand to “break the internet”. This weekend, Instagram post dedicated to their latest advertising campaign gain...
05-02-2018 18:51

Chiara’s top outfits: one night in Paris

Is it friday already" So let’s look at Chiara’s top outfits! This week we’re looking at 3 of her most gorgeous outfits worn during Paris Haute C...
02-02-2018 18:51

Hair emergency: 3 miracle products

It doesn?t matter how many meetings, dinners,parties you can schedule in a week the only constant question is : When i?m going to find time to wash my...
02-02-2018 18:51

Inspire me: denim on denim

Do you guys know how many denim pieces do you have in your closet" Probably, if you count the hot pieces of the season and some kind of vintage stuff,...
01-02-2018 18:51

Brigitte Bardot: 5 ideas you can wear even in 2018

Pure femininity. These two word describe perfectly Brigitte Bardot. Her style, apparently so simple but so modern, revolutioned the Sixties: that’s ...
01-02-2018 18:51

A chat with Emilife: celebrities outfits homemade edition

More than 400.000 followers and 500 posts. Emilife is a real phenomenon on Instagram: his homemade parodies of celebrities outfits gained headlines on...
01-02-2018 18:51

Socks: why in 2018 you’ll forget the basics, literally

If you read this post, plain socks will be the words you wouldn’t hear anymore in the same sentence. Yes, there’s guilty pleasure shopping or them...
31-01-2018 18:51

Airport style: which one is your fave"

The perfect airport style isn’t an easy task. You have to find a compromize between comfort and fashion, and sometimes it’s very hard. Luckily, th...
31-01-2018 18:51

The best TV couples ever!

We love TV couples so much that we couldn’t identify ourselves with their characters: we are happy for their success, we cry for their sad moments, ...
30-01-2018 18:51

Trends: why bomber jackets are the perfect outerwear for spr

Enough of bomber jackets" Well, our anwer is: nope! It’s been a while they came back on trend and on our shoulders, thank to Nineties revival and al...
30-01-2018 18:51

Grammy awards 2018: white roses and black dresses on the red

White was the colour of 2018 Grammy Awards. White like the roses that music stars wore as a style detail of their beautiful outfits on the red carpet ...
29-01-2018 18:51

Depop, where you can buy from your fave celebrities

Depop is the place where we can buy everything
also the outfits worn by our fave celebrities! AMong the 8 millions user that purchase and sell cloth...
27-01-2018 18:51

Is The O.C. back" Take a look at Newport Beach style!

Is The O.C. back" For now, it’s just a rumour
but we would love to discover what’s happened to Summer, Seth, Ryan and all the others! FYI, anywa...
26-01-2018 18:51

Chiara Ferragni for Pomellato, the Paris event

During Paris haute couture week, Pomellato unveiled Chiara Ferragni as the brand new face. Her skill to express herself in various talents, from fashi...
25-01-2018 18:51

Inspire me: we are golden!

Is there anything more precious than gold" For years, the noblest metal has been considered old and dusty. Now, it’s cooler than ever and it’s goi...
25-01-2018 18:51

Backstreet’s back!

Backstreet’s back! In this whole Nineties nostalgia, you were missing Backstreet Boys too, right" We know exactly when this feeling started and we b...
25-01-2018 18:51

The best looks to watch sport live

Sport arenas are the most fashionable places in the world. Well, at least in the States: a true celebrity never miss Lakers or Knick basketball games,...
24-01-2018 18:51

Chiara is the Pomellato’s new empowered woman

Business woman, fashion icon and mother to be. That’s out dearest Chiara Ferragni. All the goals she accomplished and her fashion trends foresight m...
24-01-2018 18:51

Trends: all the ankle boots we’ll wear in 2018

This winter, ankle boots have been our real MVP. They’re comfy and perfect with every look, from jeans to maxi hoodie dresses. If you fear to leave ...
23-01-2018 18:51

Celebrity sisters: get insired by the coolest!

How to create celebrity sisters: take some cool style, add a faboulous lifestyle and dozens of brands that adore them, then multiply for two. The resu...
23-01-2018 18:51

Haute couture week: Chiara’s craziest outfits ever

In Paris, it’s haute couture time. Starting today, the Ville Lumière will host next srping-summer haute couture collections. For Chiara Ferragni, it...
22-01-2018 18:51

Headbands are the real 2018 must have

Chiara Ferragni‘s latest obsession" Headbands! We couldn’t agree more: next spring-summer, they will be the trick to accessorize our outfitfs
22-01-2018 18:51

The fanny pack’s revenge

FYI: fanny packs were among the most popular items on eBay in 2017. The marketplace’s Top Shopped report says that 57,000 fanny packs were purchased...
21-01-2018 18:51

Chiara’s top outfits: Versace tribute

Friday is
 Chiara’s top outfits day! This week her 3 top looks  a brand in common: Versace. In the first outfit, Chiara wear one of the five limit...
19-01-2018 18:52

Inspire me: bralette

Thanks to bralette, we discovered the freedom to wear lingerie just like the other clothes. Last summer, it was the coolest fashion item and we’re p...
18-01-2018 18:51

Trends: the hats you’ll love in 2018

The coolest accessory for 2018" Hats! Runways and streetstyle confirm they will be next season must have, for the joy of the many hats obsessed. Not a...
18-01-2018 18:51

On wednesdays we wear pink! 10 pink items to shop now!

If today it’s wednesday
what colour are you wearing" The answer is pink, if Mean Girls has been “the” movie of your teenage years. Regina Geor...
17-01-2018 18:51

Stronger than ever

2017 has been the most incredible year for Chiara Ferragni. In those 365 days, she took many responsabilities: she got engaged, she became a mother, s...
17-01-2018 18:51

All studs

Studs seriously don’t want to be forgotten, even in 2018. In the past seasons we experienced them in many different ways, embroidered on clothes and...
16-01-2018 18:52

Celebrity closet: 3 accounts you can’t miss

We have a news for you: fashion lovers are more active than any other account on Instagram. According to Instagram Passions report, they visualize con...
15-01-2018 18:51

Maxi hoodie dress: the coolest comfy style for 2018

Next spring-summer, maxi hoodie dresses will be once again one of our favourite pieces to wear. Many fashionistas addicted to this style could take a ...
15-01-2018 18:51

Pink Cloud: the new secret for your skin

Pink Cloud Cream: finally the perfect moisturizer has arrived! Herbivore Botanicals invented something that had never been created before: a lightweig...
12-01-2018 18:51

What you really really want

The trend of 2018" 1996! Why" Because it’s the year of ?Spice?, the first album of the queens of the 90s: the Spice Girls! Tops, babydolls and mega ...
11-01-2018 18:51

Big Yes to combat boots!

You?re aware that combat boots are among the coolest accessories this season, but you don?t exactly know how to style them" We found a way: the cooles...
10-01-2018 18:51

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