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Beauty Brand 2 Know: Nails Inc

Thea Green, former Fashion Editor at Tatler, used to travel a lot for her job. It was on the way back from a trip to the United States 15 years ago t...
27-06-2017 18:51

Beyond the Fog

Pure light. A touch of gold, a touch of black. We are fearless. Beyond the fog lies clarity. Produced by Martina Maccherone and G...
27-06-2017 18:51

5 Apps You Need to Download For Your Summer

Summer is here and your vacation is fast approaching! You selected a destination, purchased your tickets well in advance, and booked your accommodatio...
27-06-2017 18:51

6 ways to style your little black dress totally differently

There is one fashion piece all girls have in their wardrobes without exception. And I?m not talking about blue jeans ?- I?m talking about the legendar...
26-06-2017 18:51

Man Crush Monday: Raury

He turned 21 just a few days ago, on June 10 to be precise, but our Man of the week already has clear ideas, and he isn’t afraid of anything and any...
26-06-2017 18:51

How to choose the perfect highlighter for your skin

We’ve been telling you in every possible way by now, your life needs a highlighter. We also realized that the crazy amount of products available on ...
26-06-2017 18:51

Metal details are the coolest makeup trend of summer 2017

Forget glow: metal details are the trend you should wear during summer 2017! We don’t just want a bronze-like effect on our eyelids, we actually wan...
23-06-2017 18:51

TBS Taste: Casa Infante e Leopoldo, Naples comes to Milan!

Neapolitans in Milan have been hoping this would happen for a while, and people from Northern Italy may have heard about it, and felt curious to find ...
23-06-2017 18:51

Miami Fashion Week, with Valentina: emerging brands and ecol

Attending a fashion week that is not part of the “classic” circuit of fashion weeks is always an interesting experience, because everything is ver...
23-06-2017 18:51

Add a pinch of (sea) salt to your summer beauty routine!

Make sure you mark my words, because they will be your summer’s password: sea salt. Yes, that’s right, this is the ingredient that will take good ...
22-06-2017 18:51

How to reproduce the look of Alexa Chung’s first colle

Alexa Chung just introduced her first collection in London, and if you are fans of hers, and of her style, this is your lucky day, because this season...
22-06-2017 18:51

Italy food tour: places to go in Milan to taste regional spe

Milan offers culture and art, work and fashion, and even if your granny is not here to make Sunday lunch, you should also be aware that it is also pos...
22-06-2017 18:51

All you should know before you try one of those black peel o

My friends have been nagging me with one question lately: “what about that black peel off charcoal mask I saw on Facebook" Does it work"” I decide...
21-06-2017 18:51

Woman Crush Wednesday: Dene Benton

Critics acclaim her as the uncontested star of musicals right now, and we just declared her our Woman of the week. Dene Benton is without a doubt thi...
21-06-2017 18:51

How to wear polo shirts in a cool way

If I say ?polo shirts?, and you instantly think about Ren Lacoste?s jersey petit piqu, don?t worry, you?re not the only one to make this mental asso...
21-06-2017 18:51

A dip in the blue

  The blue sea, blending with the sky, white beach umbrellas, offering shade from the sun during the hotter hours, and the delicate scent of lemons i...
20-06-2017 18:51

The 7 most unusual sports you can practice this summer

Summer is finally here, we can finally say goodbye to our gym, and we can finally relax… Or not, actually: the summer months are the best for sports...
20-06-2017 18:51

Beauty Brand 2 Know: Davines

The Bollati family started producing cosmetics in 1983 in Parma, with lots of love. They always focused on quality, which, in their case, meant havin...
20-06-2017 18:51

Man Crush Monday: Joe Alwyn

It had been awhile since we’d last heard of Taylor Swift: no upcoming albums, no featuring tracks, no new tours… And here she is again, back on al...
19-06-2017 18:51

How to make your makeup last longer in the heat

It’s so hot in Milan these days… We feel like we might be melting! In the Survival Olympics that summer life actually became in the city, here I a...
19-06-2017 18:51

How to dress for your graduation party

Once you are done defending your thesis, whatever the result, there will be nothing left to do but organize your graduation party, and decide on your ...
19-06-2017 18:51

Bangs, or no bangs" If you’re not sure, try fake

What do Lily Collins, Emily Ratajkowski,Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have in common" Some of you might say, they all have bangs! Others might think...
16-06-2017 18:51

Shop the style: Veruschka

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the fact that beauty has no age — but have you ever heard about how there is also no age limit to being ...
16-06-2017 18:51

Island hopping in the Gulf of Naples: all the places to go i

Many times, at this time of the year especially, we will often hear our coworkers and friends say out loud: there will be nothing stopping me from goi...
16-06-2017 18:51

Sunscreen tips for sunscreen haters

At the good old age of 27, I can still hear my mother’s voice, ordering me to put on sunscreen before I step into the sunshine. I have to say I was ...
15-06-2017 18:51

That magical night

Who never wished to be invited to a special event, and be able to wear a wonderful gown for a night" A gown like the ones from the Pronovias Cocktail ...
15-06-2017 18:51

48 hours in Lugano: an original, young guide to the city

We wanted to start by smashing stereotypes about Swiss people, but that didn’t work. The train that took us from Milan to Lugano was incredibly punc...
15-06-2017 18:51

TBS Wellness: 45 MIN Extreme Workout with Selene Genisella

Training for 45 minutes tops, and get results that equal the same effects as 4 hours working out at the gym" Selene Genisella promises it can be done....
14-06-2017 18:51

Woman Crush Wednesday: Kaya Scodelario

When we saw she is 25 years old, we thought we found a mistake in Wikipedia: how can a girl this young have such an exceptional career" Her name is Ka...
14-06-2017 18:51

Asymmetry is the new classic

When it comes to fashion, we have seen a lot of trends, and a lot of them have been en vogue before, over and over again. Thanks to the creativity of ...
14-06-2017 18:51

Discovering the real Guatemala with Valentina

The first thing I learned about Guatemala was a piece of economic data that changed my entire perspective on things. 98% of the Guatemalan population ...
13-06-2017 18:52

Beauty Brand 2 Know: Escentric Molecules

Geza Schoen is said to be a rebel in the world of fragrances, but transgression was exactly what allowed him to create something unique. From Germany...
13-06-2017 18:52

How to choose the right color to dress like your emotions

We are all used to dress accordingly to certain occasions. Job interview" We grab our blazer. Romantic dinner" We slip into our little black dress. Ho...
13-06-2017 18:52

How to dress for your graduation day

Closing a cycle in life, and starting a new one, can always be a very moving moment, and we all agree that even though days like this are crucial to o...
12-06-2017 18:52

Man Crush Monday: Daniel Kaluuya

If you feel like you’ve already seen our Man of the week before, it is no mistake: his name is Daniel Kaluuya, and he plays the main character in Ge...
12-06-2017 18:52

How to get your hair ready for summer

Summer is the time of the year we all expect – yes, even those who pretend that they prefer winter. Honestly, you can’t fool us, we really can’t...
12-06-2017 18:52

Designer to know: Alessandra Rich

Alessandra Rich, an Italian designer based in London, has a story to tell: after growing tired of her routine-filled days as a real estate agent, she...
09-06-2017 18:52

7 wonderful places you will never get to visit

We know you are like us: the kind of chronic traveler who notes down the name of a beautiful place the moment they find out about it, hoping to go the...
09-06-2017 18:52

If you want to follow makeup trends in Summer 2017, you̵

If you were in high school during the year 2000s, what you are going to read will definitely ring a bell. It’s about the most en vogue makeup look e...
09-06-2017 18:52

Travel guide for 48h in Seville: what to do, what to see, wh

Have you ever stumbled upon marvelous photos on your social networks that show entire walls covered in colorful ceramic tiles" We did, and that always...
08-06-2017 18:52

Have you every thought of wearing your tailored clothes in a

When you think about tailored clothing, it usually also brings to mind formal occasions, elegant clothing, and very often, a winter setting, too. Sinc...
08-06-2017 18:52

Have an orange blossom-scented summer, thanks to neroli oil

If you go to a perfume store, and ask the salesperson for help in finding a suitable fragrance for summer, it is very likely that you will be shown a ...
08-06-2017 18:52

Woman Crush Wednesday: Haley Bennett

People say of her that “she pairs her innate femininity with grace, and willpower. She knows what she wants, she knows where she is going, and that ...
07-06-2017 18:52

Summer 2017 Trend: Knot everything you can

There is one small trend that first made its appearance on the Spring Summer 2017 runway shows. To be honest, it did not catch our full attention at ...
07-06-2017 18:52

Taking care of your skin without applying any products: go g

Once upon a time, thanks to Sleeping Beauty, we discovered that a pillow might stop you from aging. Did you think that was all, in the magic departmen...
07-06-2017 18:52

How to dress like the Fran Fine a.k.a. The Nanny

We all know that the 2000s are back with a vengeance, but that doesn’t mean we should suddenly forget the great icons of the 1990s, like Fran Fine, ...
06-06-2017 18:52

Tips for those who would like to travel while living like a

We must have written this about a hundred times: travelling means trying to experience life as the locals of the country we visit do. This should be o...
06-06-2017 18:52

Beauty Brand 2 Know: The Ordinary

Well, in this case, it might just be best to move on to the “what”. Deciem is a revolutionary Canadian company, which developed 11 brands with on...
06-06-2017 18:52

Body jewels are the new chicest accessories

As summer gets hotter, our dresses get shorter, how convenient — this leaves more bare skin, and therefore more space for jewelry. When it comes to ...
05-06-2017 18:53

Man Crush Monday: James Jagger

Take a break for a second, start your Spotify app and look for Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger: if not now, when else could you listen to this" We can...
05-06-2017 18:53

How to do a spring cleaning of your beauty product collectio

Let’s start with a public announcement. The next few paragraphs are for those of us who own a large collection of beauty products. If all you have i...
05-06-2017 18:53

Makeup trend: an eyeliner line, connecting past and future

Over the last few days, we were utterly enchanted by the looks we spotted at the 2018 Cruise collections, not only regarding fashion, but also when it...
02-06-2017 18:54

Shop the style: Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton, American actress and supermodel in the 1970s, who rose to fame in the 1980s for her role in American Gigolo, is under the spotlight aga...
02-06-2017 18:54

Sailing trips: 5 itineraries in Europe

Every time your boss confirms the dates for your time off, what comes next" Well, choosing your destination, of course! “This year I want to do some...
02-06-2017 18:54

There is such a thing as weed-based products, not kidding

Among the hundreds of things I never thought I would experience in my life is this: writing a post about cannabis-based beauty products. Honestly, thi...
01-06-2017 18:54

For summer 2017, the trend is oversizing, with XL pants

When we think about the word “oversize”, we usually think about a sweatshirt, a jacket or a coat, but this time, for summer 2017, the trend has ev...
01-06-2017 18:54

A guide to a weekend in the Langhe region, featuring truffle

The most attentive among you surely noticed that the entire TBS Crew went to the Langhe region last week, to spend some time together in this area of...
01-06-2017 18:54

The three kinds of stiletto-heel sandals you will need this

Talking about shoes, there is one thing we can say out loud: stilettos heels are sexy as hell. And when summer comes, we can’t stop dreaming of legi...
31-05-2017 18:54

Woman Crush Wednesday: Gal Gadot

Every man dreams of spending his life with a woman who solves problems, who doesn’t create new ones, and who can deal with those problems with a fir...
31-05-2017 18:54

Shake things up in your vanity for summer: bye foundation, h

I confess, I really would like to be able to do without foundation. Despite being a beauty lover, the last thing I like to do is to apply multiple lay...
31-05-2017 18:54

I confess: I am obsessed with Sex and the City and I want to

While searching for some inspiration and some trends, I started watching Sex& The City again, starting from first season, and let me tell you, this w...
30-05-2017 18:54

The 7 best water parks in the world to try this summer

Some of us love them, some of us detest them, some of us are scared of them, and some of us will buy season passes every year. We are talking about t...
30-05-2017 18:54

Beauty Brand 2 Know: Storybook Cosmetics

Erin, Mandy and Missy Mainard are three identical twins. It almost sounds magical, doesn’t it" It might be a little, at least they seem to believe ...
30-05-2017 18:54

Going to the gym in your makeup" It can be done, and he

Gym and makeup have always been two worlds apart, so hold on to your hats, because we are going to turn your world upside down! It’s not a joke and ...
29-05-2017 18:54

Vacanze Italiane

A dive into the blue sea, ice-cream in the village’s historic streets, a cheerful run along the shore: all we dream about for summer are Vacanze Ita...
29-05-2017 18:54

Man Crush Monday: Louis Baines

Everyone has known for a while that living legend Kate Moss opened her own talent agency, working with models, singers and performers — but the news...
29-05-2017 18:54

Red carpet" It’s time for a wavy bob, like at Can

There is something sacred to getting ready for the red carpet. The hours spent in luxury hotel rooms, especially at the Croisette (we are talking abou...
26-05-2017 18:54

Shop the style: Cher

If you thought that an icon like Cher could ever disappear from the fashion world, well, after her performance at the Billboard Awards, which clearly ...
26-05-2017 18:54

TBS CREW goes to Langhe

Here is a secret: we are great cooks! You don’t believe us" Then ask Federico Gallo, the young Italian, Michelin-starred chef who leads the gang of ...
26-05-2017 18:54

The 7 best summer festivals in Italy in 2017: locations and

Our favorite season is here! And we are not talking about spring, but about festival season ? There was a truly incredible increase in the size of aud...
25-05-2017 18:54

How to wear sheer clothes without looking naked

You may have noticed it on the Chanel Cruise Show this week, or on the multiple street style pictures on Instagram: sheer clothes, tulle clothes in pa...
25-05-2017 18:54

Your beauty routine needs a primer: here is why

I usually do my makeup myself everyday: I am saying this because I don’t want you to think I am like a celebrity, with a makeup artist available for...
25-05-2017 18:54

How to create an expensive-looking look, spending very littl

Who didn’t dream of having a catwalk-worthy look, or of owning iconic clothing from a trendy brand, at least once" Time to get real, and accept the ...
24-05-2017 19:01

Woman Crush Wednesday: Angourie Rice

She is only 16 years old and she already worked with some of the most famous actors in Hollywood: young Angourie Rice‘s resume is packed with intere...
24-05-2017 19:01

Nail trends: rainbow manicures for Spring Summer 2017

You know that by now, we are always looking at catwalk shows for inspiration, to give you ideas on ways to revamp your look when a new season comes. W...
24-05-2017 19:01

Beauty Brand 2 Know: Omorovicza

Like all things Budapest, apparently, this brand also seems to be have a connection to a love story, specifically, to the one between Stephen and Mar...
23-05-2017 18:55

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