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Man Crush Monday: 5 things you should know about Douglas Boo

Monday is the hardest day of the week, the one on which you would much rather stay under the covers… This is how we also feel about Mondays at TBS, ...
16-10-2017 18:54

Follow our steps!

TBS Crew daily routines are totally unpredictable: our day can begin with a chill morning at the office, then get super busy with a meeting during lun...
16-10-2017 18:54

Here is why (and how) you should wash your brushes and your

There is no adjective that is strong enough to describe our love for brushes and beauty blender sponges! We always buy tons of them, and as beauty add...
16-10-2017 18:54

Designer to know: Molly Goddard

If you’re wondering who designed the wonderful dresses Rihanna has been wearing over the past month, those dresses that made her look like she walke...
13-10-2017 18:52

Makeup trends for Fall Winter 2017-2018: space grey for eyes

All you need to do to make your eyes shine, and still look chic, is add a few touches of shimmer grey and silver shades to your makeup. Forget the som...
13-10-2017 18:52

5 European cities + 1, to be viewed from a tram

There are really several ways to visit a city: on foot, by bike, by car, by tourist bus… But in some cities, nothing can beat the vintage charm of a...
13-10-2017 18:52

When lipsticks make us feel like little girls again: lip pal

Remember those pink vanities we had as kids, packed with colorful makeup" And to be more precise, do you remember those makeup kits that we nagged our...
12-10-2017 18:51

5 smart ideas for an even better experience in Milan….

Cycling isn’t just one of the most convenient ways to get around town, it is actually a lifestyle. And if the city you live in just seems to getting...
12-10-2017 18:51

Is blue the warmest color of Fall 2017"

You think you’re going to bed, nice and chill, after an ordinary day… And then here comes Rihanna, to turn your evening upside down with a single ...
12-10-2017 18:51

3 ways to wear velvet during daytime

One of the good things about winter is clothing, and with this, we mean warm clothing that is eye-catching and sophisticated. Guess what fabric really...
11-10-2017 18:52

Woman Crush Wednesday: Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson, our WCW of the week, has been under the spotlight so much lately that we are pretty sure you haven’t missed her on social media or o...
11-10-2017 18:52

Concealer: which texture you need, how to apply it (and when

Nobody has perfect skin. Really! We should all be prepared to wake up with a spot, dark circles, or perhaps with a blotchy face one day. This is why c...
11-10-2017 18:52

Beauty Brand 2 Know: One Over One

Jennifer White is an American photographer who spent part of her 20s in Rome for her studies. For a long time, during the 1990s, she found herself wo...
10-10-2017 18:52

The chandelier earrings are the accessory that will totally

Even the biggest fashion and trend lovers will agree on this: there is nothing better than being able to get ready in just a few minutes, isn’t ther...
10-10-2017 18:52

5 good reasons to choose Dublin for your next holiday

Let me start with a personal confession: this trip to Dublin made me want to live you the (rather short) rest of my youth to the max! Despite the unus...
10-10-2017 18:52

Man Crush Monday: Pico Alexander

Our Crush of the week, Pico Alexander, is 26 years old and is originally from Poland. He appeared in multiple TV shows, including The Carrie Diaries, ...
09-10-2017 18:52

Unsure about what color to pick for your new shoes" Go

A few seasons ago, this was the color of all of the coolest sneakers — Stan Smith above all. This year, this color is back to cover your entire shoe...
09-10-2017 18:52

Lip scrub: it’s time to add it to your beauty routine!

The time of the year has come during which our skin will need a lot of extra care, and this goes for our lips too, more than anything else. During the...
09-10-2017 18:52

3 hair trends from Paris Fashion week for Spring Summer 2018

What happens when the last fashion week of the year comes to a close, in Paris" Here is a secret: in addition to anxiously waiting for the next upcomi...
06-10-2017 18:51

Go for total relaxation in hotels for over-18-year-olds only

Our holidays are very important, and they should be just perfect in every possible way, from location to sightseeing options… and your hotel should ...
06-10-2017 18:51

Shop the style: Cindy Crawford

American top model, and among the sexiest women of the 1990s, Cindy Crawford is our style icon of the week. She is Kaia Gerber’s mother, and when y...
06-10-2017 18:51

If you are an art lover, you must get these 5 apps!

I know you’ve been waiting for my next riddle. And here it is: everyone criticizes it, yet everyone has it. What is it" Well… We’re talking abou...
05-10-2017 18:51

Sheer glow foundation vs highlighters: which one you should

Next year will be the year of glowing, perfect skin, and we know highlighters will be everywhere. Sheer glow foundations have gained some fans too, la...
05-10-2017 18:51

How to wear a blazer jacket

Blazers are possibly the item of clothing that can’t be missing from your closet right now: classy, elegant and extremely cool, blazers were among t...
05-10-2017 18:51

Super long, super black eyelashes for Fall Winter 2018: how

No doubt about it: black, extra long lashes are the hot trend for Fall Winter 2017. They grab all attention in an instant, and the blacker they are, t...
04-10-2017 18:51

5 Spring Summer 2018 trends for Paris Fashion Week

Paris is always a good idea: a lot of interesting brands recently moved to the French capital, and this blend of innovative and established brands bri...
04-10-2017 18:51

Woman Crush Wednesday: Skai Jackson

I always wondered what it must feel like when Time magazine lists you among the most influential teenagers in the world when you’re only 14. This wo...
04-10-2017 18:51

Nothing to hide: net bags are the coolest, and it shows ever

Nothing to hide, everything to show off: the coolest bag that was spotted during all fashion weeks was as simple as you can wish for, and it will let ...
03-10-2017 18:52

Fantastic hotels: from giraffes to elephants, let your holid

We often talked about hotels and resorts that make really noble choices, which can go from being entirely sustainable to embracing vegan philosophy. S...
03-10-2017 18:52

Beauty Brand 2 Know: Deborah Lippmann

Deborah Lippmann is one of the world’s most important manicurist, whose nail polishes are consistently chosen by celebrities and models during fash...
03-10-2017 18:52

Man Crush Monday: Harry Hudson

If you follow the most famous modern soap opera in the world — we’re obviously talking about Keeping up with The Kardashians here — you will pro...
02-10-2017 18:54

Searching for something new

Fashion Week obviously brings to mind catwalk shows and big names, but for us, it also means research, research and more research. Like every season, ...
02-10-2017 18:54

All you need for a healthy, shiny mane is 3 minutes of your

Let’s be honest: women are obsessed with their hair! We take care of them so much just because we are totally aware of just how much we stress them ...
02-10-2017 18:54

5 fashion exhibitions you must see in Fall 2017

As wise people say, you should always try to look at the bright side… So, if on the one hand Fall brings fewer hours of sunlight and colder temperat...
29-09-2017 18:52

Accessory trend: silver booties for Fall Winter 2017-2018

After seeing some of the Fall Winter 2017-2018 shows, such as the ones by Saint Laurent, Chanel, MSGM and Marco de Vincenzo, and realizing that silver...
29-09-2017 18:52

I’ve had my makeup done by Pat McGrath, with her produ

Let’s see. If I don’t go to bed and just sleep on my armchair, if I don’t eat, if I make sure I just drink with a straw, don’t go clubbing, an...
29-09-2017 18:52

The best food markets worldwide

If you consider travelling as a general experience, you can’t help but think of an essential aspect of any city visit, which is the food experience....
29-09-2017 18:52

Face wash: here is why you should be using it!

I admit it: I really, really love skin care, and one of my favorite moments is when I wash my face with a detergent that really works for me. Adding f...
29-09-2017 18:52

Shop the style: Maria Bernad

Our research of style matters takes us to Spain today, where we found someone you should know about, Maria Bernad: stylist, designer and vintage fashi...
29-09-2017 18:52

Beauty Brand 2 Know: Drunk Elephant

Tiffany Masterson is a mother and an entrepreneur who was able to turn her passion for skincare into an empire. After finishing her studies at Texas U...
27-09-2017 18:52

3 beauty trends from the Spring Summer 2018 shows at Milano

Milano fashon week just came to a close, but our beauty addict eye is already on makeup trends for Spring Summer 2018. We spotted three super cool tre...
27-09-2017 18:52

Woman Crush Wednesday: Gucci Gang

Angelina, Annabelle, Crystal and Thaďs are the Gucci Gang girls — the Parisian girl crew that is grabbing more and more attention every day on socia...
27-09-2017 18:52

7 destinations around the world, for chocolate lovers

After a small break from our riddles, here we are with a new one. It’s the best possible remedy against depression, but it is not medication. So, wh...
27-09-2017 18:52

5 street style trends to copy right now

Fashion shows are on at full throttle (Milan Fashion Week just finished and Paris Fashion Week is coming up next week), but the most interesting trend...
27-09-2017 18:52

3 looks for wearing a shirt in Fall, with all temperatures

Fall is never an easy time to pick what to wear. You never know if it’s warm enough to pick something light, or if it’s time to start digging thro...
27-09-2017 18:52

Chiara’s looks during MFW

Milan Fashion Week is over! Let’s discover all Chiara’s look of the week ? ...
27-09-2017 18:52

Staying vegan when doing beauty: what does that mean"

Despite initially thinking it was all just a temporary trend, I have to admit I was wrong: vegan cosmetics are really some of the most popular right n...
25-09-2017 18:52

Man Crush Monday: Corey Harper

We are not going to lie: we have a soft spot for guys who grow up with a passionate heart, and even more so for those who have a clear aim, and actual...
25-09-2017 18:52

Illusion of a night

She walks in alone, silently slipping into the room. Her scent envelops her, softly caressing her skin, like warm, sensual velvet. She winds her way i...
25-09-2017 18:52

5 good reasons to choose Las Vegas for your last trip

When you land in Vegas, two questions will come to mind right when you sit in the taxi: 1) who pays the electricity bills" 2) How many hotel rooms doe...
22-09-2017 18:52

Chic white or soft punk, the new beauty trend for Fall Winte

It’s not just hypnotic, it can also be elegant or soft punk depending on how you use it: white, the king of colors, is the new beauty trend for Fall...
22-09-2017 18:52

Shop the style: Tiffany Hsu

If we completely lost it over the new product selection over at, you only have ...
22-09-2017 18:52

Designer 2 Know: Coliac

Martina Grasselli, born in 1981, decided to start designing jewellery and accessories as a homage to the family of her maternal grandmother, the las...
21-09-2017 18:52

The fashion documentaries you really should see this Fall!

It really seems like the upcoming season is gonna be the season of fashion documentaries! So many new releases and so many productions will make us fa...
21-09-2017 18:52

Sometimes they come back: lip strobing makes lip gloss in ag

Who would have guessed that lipgloss would have made a comeback" After years wearing matte, liquid and long lasting lipsticks, and heaven knows what e...
21-09-2017 18:52

3 Spring Summer 2018 trends from the London catwalks

London Fashion Week is definitely one of our favorites: its youthful spirit that knows no limits makes it different from all other FW, and it also mak...
20-09-2017 18:52

Woman Crush Wednesday: Francia Raěsa

She’s been the talk of town for a week, everyone is using really strong, positive adjectives to describe her, some consider her “an angel”, othe...
20-09-2017 18:52

Why we should all go to a luxury hairdresser occasionally

I’m a very loyal woman: I’ve been going to the same hairdresser for the past 10 years, since I first walked into his shop for a perm, and he told ...
20-09-2017 18:52

Furry slippers for Fall 2017" Yes please! Here are our

It all started in 2012, with Phoebe Philo and her Spring Summer 2013 show, featuring the pumps and furry slippers that later became the favorite acces...
19-09-2017 18:52

3 makeup trends from the New York Spring Summer 2018 shows

September is truly a crucial month! Like every year, now is the time to sit down and carefully watch what is going on on the catwalks, to identify the...
19-09-2017 18:52

Shocked by being back in school" Here are 5 ways to get

Ring ring... It’s not just your alarm, sadly… It’s the sound of the school bell, reminding you that it is official, the school year has started ...
19-09-2017 18:52

Man Crush Monday: Nicolas Loufrani

He’s not an actor, nor is he a singer, nor a model. Still, Nicolas Loufrani is really the man of our dreams, because he did something that really re...
19-09-2017 18:52

Beauty Brand 2 Know: Sachajuan

Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind are two professional hairstylists who decided to put their skill and passion to work, to create a professional haircare...
19-09-2017 18:52

Belts will be as long as as it gets this year!

Long, long, so long that it can reach down to your ankles, or so long that it might even touch the ground. That is what belts will look like this year...
19-09-2017 18:52

Chiara’s NYFW looks

NYFW is over! Do you wanna know what Chiara wore during her busy week" Just take a look at the gallery and tell us what’s your favorite look! ...
15-09-2017 18:51

Facial yoga: a new kind of beauty ritual

If you practiced every yoga in existence except for facial yoga, then no, you haven’t been taking care of your skin the right way, sorry. That’s r...
15-09-2017 18:51

The perfect refuge: the best tree houses in Italy

Here is another riddle: are you ready" You’ll have to hop back in time a little, though, back to the time you were in school. What if I mention Ital...
15-09-2017 18:51

3 Spring Summer 2018 trends from the New York City catwalks 

The calendar might be slightly devoid of important names (Rodarte, Proenza Schouler and Tommy Hilfiger are among the big names missing this season, fo...
15-09-2017 18:51

Your skincare routine can’t be complete without a face

If you could visit our office one day, I would like to show you the desk where our editorial team works. In addition to predictable stuff like station...
14-09-2017 18:51

When your hotel is a dream come true: the most beautiful bat

One of the things that top our chart of what matters when travelling, right after visiting a marvellous destination,  is finding accommodation that ma...
14-09-2017 18:51

You’ve been wearing your belt bag the wrong way all al

Remember when you were kids and your uncle, grandpa or dad would wear their belt bag as a sling bag, instead of wearing it on their waist" Well, just ...
14-09-2017 18:51

Woman Crush Wednesday: Li Yuchun a.k.a. Chris Lee

Super short hair, hardly — or any — makeup and a very boyish look: Li Yuchun, a.k.a. Chris Lee, is a Chinese idol and a spokesperson for a cultura...
13-09-2017 18:52

3 ways to style a cotton sweater

The drop in temperatures and cloudy skies came so suddenly that we realized we were not ready yet to give up on our summer outfits yet… Let’s be h...
13-09-2017 18:52

All about superfoods, the food allies you should count on in

Superfoods. That’s what everyone calls these kinds of food that are so good for your health. They became really big over the past few years, and it ...
13-09-2017 18:52

The coolest bags right now" Vintage ones, of course. He

Is the new season already pushing you to look for a new bag" Do you already have something in mind" Before you make a decision and just end up heading...
12-09-2017 18:53

Beauty Brand 2 Know: Fenty Beauty

The founder of this project really needs no introduction, but we will still tell you a thing or two about her. It’s Rihanna! Her full name is Robyn...
12-09-2017 18:53

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