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TBS Fave: Salt & Pepper

It’s a denim thing! Jeans has a leading role in the spring 2018 collection panorama, with total denim looks hitting festivals and urban situations. ...
25-05-2018 18:52

The perfect suitcase for a city break…in TBS style!

Ready for the weekend" Your city break is just around the corner and you still haven’t packed your suitcase. Don’t panic: getting your luggage rea...
25-05-2018 18:52

Trends: Los Angeles vibes

Are you in need of Los Angeles style" Even this summer 2018 wouldn’t be cool if we’re not giving our outfits that LA vibe that is ruling the fashi...
24-05-2018 18:52

Beauty: 3 top facial mists for the office, for gym-time and

It takes less than a minute to give some extra hydration to our skin. With facial mists, we can give immediate glow and freshness to our face, even in...
24-05-2018 18:52

Inspire me: Matrix style skinny sunglasses

Which are the coolest sunglasses for summer 2018" No doubt: Matrix style sunglasses! If you’re ready to channel your inner Trinity, you should be en...
23-05-2018 18:52

Tbs Fave: Please

The dopest trend right now" To mash up today’s fashion, the same we create every day mixing runways’ diktats and Instagram fashion icons’ style,...
23-05-2018 18:52

Depop: all the best vintage Chanel bags

Let’s be honest: when our queen Chiara Ferragni shows us her amazing Chanel vintage bags, we would love to know where to find them! You’re lucky, ...
22-05-2018 18:52

Trends: how (and where) to wear a slip dress this summer

Wear a slip dress during the day" Yes, please! That’s true, Nineties are over since about 20 years, but the come back of these silk mini dresses, ea...
22-05-2018 18:52

Carrie Bradshaw: 10 memorable outfits from Sex and the City!

Sex and the City is over and so are the chances to see a movie #3, but if we have a certainty in life, that’s Carrie Bradshaw and how she influenced...
21-05-2018 18:54

Three outfit ideas to copy and wear before June comes!

Dress up in may isn’t as easy as it sound: today seems to be in summer already, tomorrow we’ll be freezing like fall is back. Plus, we have to fac...
21-05-2018 18:54

Cher: 5 reasons to love her

Happy birthday, Cher! The mythical singer and actress is not afraid to say how many candles will be on her cake today: 72 for 72 years that looks like...
20-05-2018 18:52

The coolest pool floats for summer 2018!

The coolest accessory for this summer" This time, we’re not talking about bags, shoes or sunglasses
we’re talking about pool floats! It’s been...
19-05-2018 18:52

Travel: 5 wonderful colorful beaches in the world

The best background for your beach selfies" Some amazing colorful beaches! White, volcanic or even glass sand: the world is full of amazing places whe...
18-05-2018 18:52

The perfect suitcase for a weekend getaway…in The Blon

In spring, every (sunny) weekend is good for a weekend getaway. But every time we travel, we always have to face the same problem: how to pack the per...
18-05-2018 18:52

A chat with Movie Quotes: when words fail, Instagram speaks

When words fail, sometimes movie characters speak for us. One of the very first Instagram account to start this new trend is @moviequotes, the best pl...
17-05-2018 18:52

TBS Fave: Vicolo

#Neverstop. Since forever, that’s The Blonde Salad mantra. That’s the motto that defines everything we do. And when we find someone who share the ...
17-05-2018 18:52

Trends: 5 bags to dream about and 5 bags you should have thi

Is it possible to live without handbags" Of course not, and in summer it’s even more unimaginable to spend our days without our fav bags during our ...
16-05-2018 18:52

Inspire me: a Tiffany green summer

The most precious colour for this summer" Neither gold, nor silver! Tiffany green is the perfect shade to give that royal touch to your summer outfits...
16-05-2018 18:52

Big yes to platform shoes!

Our summer obsession" Platform shoes! It’s Nineties nostalgia fault, that brought back on trend wedges, the Spice Girls must have. It’s not so str...
15-05-2018 18:51

A shooting day in Milan

Take a lovely sunny day, our beautiful Milan and gorgeous dresses and accessories to try on. The result" A super fun shooting day in some of the most ...
15-05-2018 18:51

Festival di Cannes 2018: 10 amazing red carpet looks

Cannes Film Festival 2018 has started to show its best, not only on screen but especially on the red carpet! On Sunday, in particular, all the spotlig...
14-05-2018 18:52

Trends: hot dresses in the coolest colours for summer 2018

Summer 2018 colours are ready to spice up our looks and make them unfogettable. If we wore only blue, black and grey shades in fall winter, this is th...
14-05-2018 18:52

The coolest new mums of 2018

2018 is for sure a year of mums! So many celebrities, in fact, recently gave birth to their beautiful children or are still waiting for their delivery...
13-05-2018 18:51

#BBtips with Manuele Mameli: simple tips for amazing summer

Rossetti matte or glosses" This is the beauty dilemma for the spring. Luckily Manuele Mameli, Chiara Ferragni‘s makeup artist, give us the answer th...
12-05-2018 18:52

Summer dresses: 10 Chiara Ferragni outfit ideas!

Summer is still a bit far away, but in these beautiful sunny days, we only want to think about to our next summer outfits. Have you already thought ab...
12-05-2018 18:52

TBS Fave: Mandarina Duck

When The Blonde Salad style melts with an italian design icon
the result is a super cool item, that will make our summer even more special! Mandarin...
11-05-2018 18:51

Travel: 5 most amazing pools in the world

Friday is time to think about the weekend, to realx and to think about our summer holidays. Vacation time is still far away, but we can always travel ...
11-05-2018 18:51

A chat with The Tax Collection: a contemporary Instagram art

Can Instagram become the new art contemporary border" @taxcollection is the account that show us that yes, Instagram can legitimate a young artist mor...
10-05-2018 18:52

The coolest drinks for the summer

Which are the coolest drinks for the summer" There’s a plenty of choice between healthy drinks, yummy smoothies and teas with unbelievable flavours,...
09-05-2018 18:51

Inspire me: fruit trend

In summer fruit is a trend
not only to eat or to drink! Maybe it’s because fashionistas are so into the latest healthiest trends, but actyally the...
09-05-2018 18:51

Beauty: the latest celebrity hairstyle transformations!

Spring is makeover time and our hair are the first to satisfy our desire of a change. That’s something we have in common with many celebrities, that...
08-05-2018 18:52

Met Gala 2018: the best looks on the red carpet

The first monday in May Always means Met Gala! The fashion event organized by Anna Wintour ended a few hours ago in New York, showing us some red carp...
08-05-2018 18:52

It’s Cruise time! Chanel and Prada 2019 collections

May is
Cruise collections month! There are so many brands right now that create wonderful events around these pre-collections, that unveil us what w...
07-05-2018 18:52

TBS Fave: Glassing

Accessories, for The Blonde Salad, are a true addiction
and we’re especially obsessed by sunglasses. In these spring weeks, we can’t think about...
07-05-2018 18:52

Trends: 10 perfect sandals for summer 2018

The coolest shoes for summer 2018" It’s easy to answer: sandals! Even if summer is still a bit far away, these firsqt sunny days made us desire to t...
06-05-2018 18:51

Strolling around like a cool mum

The cool mums of Beverly Hills. Is it a New Netflix tv series" No, it’s just the mantra of famous mums in Los Angeles, that don’t want to lose the...
05-05-2018 18:51

Fashion: crystal choker is (again) the must have accessory

Spring summer 2018 is
choker mania! It’s been quite a few seasons that this thight necklace became a trend again, recalling us how Nineties fashio...
05-05-2018 18:51

Travel: 3 road trips for summer 2018

Summer is still far away, but now it’s the perfect timing to choose where to spend our next holidays. If you’re looking for out-of-the-ordinary id...
04-05-2018 18:51

Beauty: the best blushes for spring

Which is the must have makeup product for spring" Blush! It’s perfect to create that glow effect on your face, even in grey days like these, that’...
04-05-2018 18:51

A chat with Gryffindior: when Harry Potter becomes a fashion

Take Harry Potter‘s characters and turn them into models, wearing the most iconic pieces from a fashion house like Dior. The result is @Gryffindior,...
03-05-2018 18:52

TBS Fave: Cuccumia

Do you know which is the coolest accessory for summer 2018" A straw bag! The Blonde Salad crew is trilled about the season to come and we can’t wait...
03-05-2018 18:52

Inspire me: florals for spring"

Maybe it’s not groundbreaking, but florals for spring is always our comfort zone this time of the year. It’s impossible, these weeks, not to feel ...
02-05-2018 18:52

Every day is a good hair day

This 2018 is full of good news for our dearest Chiara Ferragni. So many projects that see her dressing up in new roles: as a CEO, directly involved in...
02-05-2018 18:52

Trends: say it with a T-shirt!

Which is the spring summer 2018 real must have" The T-shirt! Your closet won’t have enough of them because they’re perfect for every occasions: th...
30-04-2018 18:52

TBS Fave: O Jour

The Blonde Salad crew has a true obsession for shoes
 and O Jour is the brand that best satisfy this addiction! Were you looking for a brand that is...
30-04-2018 18:52

Happy birthday Uma Thurman! All her iconic looks

Happy birthday, Uma Thurman! Today the beautiful actress turns 48 and she’s more gorgeous than ever. With her iconic roles, especially in Quentin Ta...
29-04-2018 18:51

Jessica Alba: 5 reasons why we love her

Happy birthday, Jessica Alba! One of our fav actress of all time today turn 37, and actually we have more than 37 reasons why we love her! We tried to...
28-04-2018 18:51

A summer to remember

An unfogettable summer under Puglia’s sun, in between the colour of the sea and the olive groved and wineyard’s scents. In this magical place, ric...
28-04-2018 18:51

Beauty: 3 perfect foundations for spring

When spring arrives, our beauty routine needs some changes. Hot weather and sun are thinks we have to consider everyday, changing our makeup routine a...
27-04-2018 18:52

Travel: 3 pink places to visit this summer!

Is pink your favourite colour" Are your outfits incomplete if you don’t put a touch of pink on it" Did you decorate your house with all pink’s sha...
27-04-2018 18:52

TBS Fave: UnLace

Among the brands we love, UnLace has a very special place in The Blonde Salad‘s heart. Its urban attitude, with unique details and some glamour to s...
26-04-2018 18:51

A chat with The PinkLemonade: a room for art on Instagram

Is there a room for art on Instagram" Absolutely! @the.pinklemonade, the Instagram account that collects all the best visual ispirations on the web, i...
26-04-2018 18:51

Inspire me: we love gingham and check!

The geometry we love" Gingham and check! If there’s a super cool shape in this spring summer 2018, that’s the square. Its perfect proportions are ...
25-04-2018 18:52

5 super sexy surfers to follow on Instagram

Surf officially just became our fav sport ever. Do you know who’s reponsible for this" All the many surfers out there, riding the ocean waves. Follo...
25-04-2018 18:52

TBS Fave: The Frankie Shop

When Paris meets New York
 here you are The Frankie Shop! We introduce you one of  The Blonde Salad‘s cult brand, with whom you’ll definetely go...
24-04-2018 18:52

Trends: 20 floral dress to fall in love with

Flower dresses for spring" If you loved The Devil wears Prada just like us, you must remeber Miranda Priestly’s legenday answer, that ironically def...
24-04-2018 18:52

Gigi Hadid: 5 reasons we love her

Today is Gigi Hadid‘s birthday! The USA supermodel today turns 23 and we could not wish her the best as the rest of the world is doing. Why are we o...
23-04-2018 18:52

Sailor Moon: all the costumes inspired by haute couture!

Sailor Moon has been one of the anime we watched the most during our childhood. Which was your fav Sailor warrior" The legendary Bunny or her friends"...
23-04-2018 18:52

Welcome to the new TBS crew headquarter

From the heart of Milan, The Blonde Salad is ready to start a new chapter. This is the place of the new headquarter of TBS Crew, the company led by Ch...
22-04-2018 18:52

Fashion: blazer dress mania

Spring summer 2018 diktat" Wear a blazer as a dress! One of the most masculine fashion piece ever becomes the sexiest outfit for the warm season, perf...
21-04-2018 18:51

Fashion: espadrilles are the must have shoes for summer 2018

Summer is still far away, but we can already say that espadrilles will be the must have shoes of the season. It’s been a few years that these kind o...
20-04-2018 18:52

Trends: we can’t get enough of metal accessories

It’s spring: it’s time to shine! Gold, silver, glitter and mirror finishings: the metal effect is probably the trend we’ll wear the most in spri...
20-04-2018 18:52

Shopping: discover the vintage sunglasses Chiara is selling

Sunglasses are the coolest accessory to wear in this latest weeks. Maybe it’s because summer, suddenly, seems to be here, but in the last few days w...
20-04-2018 18:52

A chat with Neon Talk: there’s more behind 80’s

Eighties and Nineties aestethic updated with a contemporary sight. Neon Talk is not only an Instagram account for nostalgics, but a true encyclopedia ...
19-04-2018 18:51

Inspire me: stripe me up

It’s a fact: we love to wear stripes when the first sunny days come out. It takes a warm day to rock our best parisien mood, discovering every time ...
18-04-2018 18:52

Kartell, Crossing generations for Milano Design Week

Is there a design brand more across-the-board than Kartell" Its products are appreciated by many different generations, thanks to its contemporary and...
18-04-2018 18:52

Spice Girls: all the best looks waiting for their costumes e

2018 is
the year of the Spice Girls! The news of their reunion broke the internet in the last months and, within a month, according to rumours, they...
17-04-2018 18:52

Celebrity puppies: sometimes they’re more famous than

It’s not so easy to find a topic that makes everybody agree, at least we’re talking about puppies! We love to play with them, cuddling and taking ...
17-04-2018 18:52

Beauty: 3 products for plane travel

When we pack our hand luggage for a flight, we really shouldn’t miss the best products for our skin. Next to makeup and accessories, we have to find...
16-04-2018 18:52

California style: 10 brands to watch

Maybe it’s because Coachella has started, or because we really can’t wait for summer
 California style is what we really need right now! Sporty-...
16-04-2018 18:52

Fashion: the spaghetti straps come back

This summer, spaghetti straps will invade your Instagram feed. Do you know what we’re talking about" Those thin shoulder straps we used to find on o...
15-04-2018 18:52

Blake Lively: 5 reasons to love her

It’s been already a decade since Blake Lively became one of our favourite actress. Let’s be honest: we would have loved to live like Gossip Girlâ€...
14-04-2018 18:51

Ready for Coachella" All the best looks from the past y

Everything is ready for Coachella! The Cali music festival starts today, kicking off two weekends of music and fashion. As you probably already know, ...
13-04-2018 18:52

That’s the Instagram we like: @paradise

How could we like without Instagram" Everyday its feed is a constant inspiration for all our looks, our trips, our restaurants to try and experiences ...
12-04-2018 18:52

#BBtips with Manuele Mameli: a perfect skin is spring 2018 m

Under every perfect makeup, there’s an even more flawless skin. Today Manuele Mameli, Chiara Ferragni‘s makeup artist, unveils exclusively for our...
12-04-2018 18:52

With Calzedonia, we discover all the beachwear trends for su

Is it summer already" Maybe it’s because winter is officially over, days are longer and sun is not a memory anymore
or because we’ve just been t...
11-04-2018 18:52

Inspire me: pink everywhere

Do you see pink everywhere" Don’t worry: it’s not some kind of a strange spell that spring put on you. Pink is actually one of the coolest colours...
11-04-2018 18:52

Style tips: how to match sneakers with style

Could we ever live without sneakers" We don’t think so, especially because they’re the perfect shoes to match with pretty much every outfits. Donâ...
10-04-2018 18:52

Trends: never without mini belt bags!

The coolest bags for spring summer 2018" No doubt: mini belt bags! You shouldn’t mix them up with fanny packs, with whom they only share the way to ...
10-04-2018 18:52

Trends: pvc jackets, yay or nay" We bet you’ll lo

We said it before: pvc jackets are the spring summer 2018 ultimate must have. Transparent effects, glossy vynil finishing and latex vibes crowned them...
09-04-2018 18:52

Fenty Beauty debuts in Italy: why Rihanna makeup brand is al

From April 6th, Fenty Beauty, Rihanna‘s makeup brand, has finally arrived in Italy. And so did the famous popstar, that last Thursday hosted the off...
09-04-2018 18:52

Travel: 3 beautiful villages to visit

Did you know that there’s a plenty of beautiful villages in the world, everyone that are wothy a visit" If you’re searching some new tips for your...
08-04-2018 18:52

Beauty: 3 night masks for glowing skin

Did you know that also night wants its beauty routine" Face masks, in particular, are the best product to rehydrate, repare and light our skin. To get...
07-04-2018 18:52

Countodown to Coachella 2018: Chiara and Valentina’s b

Are you ready for Coachella" There’s only one week to go to the coolest 2018 festival, that will see on stage super stars like Beyoncé, The Weekend ...
07-04-2018 18:52

Carbonara Day

ARE YOU A TRULY PASTA LOVER" So do you know that today is the International Carbonara Day" Let’s celebrate with the real ITALIAN recipe from Barilla...
06-04-2018 18:52

Leather jackets, this timeless must have will be our spring

Whats the perfect jacket for spring" A leather jacket! To be honest, there’s no fashionista’s wardrobe without at least 4-5 leather jackets, every...
05-04-2018 18:52

A chat with Streetstyled: how Instagram changed street style

Street style, in the latest 10 years, completely changed the fashion industry. And since the breakout of social networks, especially Instagram, street...
05-04-2018 18:52

Trends: sporty chic style is the ultimate spring summer 2018

Let’s be honest: we can’t get enough of sporty-chic style! Especially in these first spring weeks, when the season’s change make us sleepy and l...
04-04-2018 18:52

Inspire me: polka dots mania!

Polka dots are the new black! Is there anyone that doesn’t love these amazing dots, that give that fresh touch to our outfits" Nobody, we’e sureâ€...
04-04-2018 18:52

10 beautiful places in the world: let’s dream!

Which are the most beautiful places in the world that you would like to visit once in a lifetime" The world is full of amazing places, some of them ar...
31-03-2018 18:51

Happy birthday Celine Dion! At 50 a new life as a fashion ic

Happy birthday, Celine Dion! Today the â€œMy heart will go on” singer turns 50 years old. She’s so gorgeous that in the last few years she even be...
30-03-2018 18:51

Travel: 3 amazing castles to visit in Germany

When Easter arrives, it officially starts the spring break season! We’ve so many holiday opportunities in the coming weeks: april 25th, may 1st, jun...
30-03-2018 18:51

A chat with The90ssupermodels: the top models golden age roc

We can’t get enough of 90s supermodels. After the Versace fashion show’s reunion last september with Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Carla Bruni...
29-03-2018 18:51

Bags: mini or maxi" When sizes don’t count

When we talk about bags, sizes don’t really matters! It’s a very hard choice between mini bags, perfect to carry what is strictly necessary like k...
29-03-2018 18:51

Inspire me: green wave

“Who dresses in green has too much confidence in her beauty”. There’s an italian adage that sounds more or less like this, asserting that green ...
28-03-2018 18:51

5 hottest actors we want to see more and more in 2018

They’re handsome, but also very talented. Who are the hottest actors we can’t get enough in 2018" We chose 5 of them: great stars, rising Hollywoo...
28-03-2018 18:51

11 hottest celebrities sons to look out in 2018

Their fathers were, for many of us, pur teen idols
now their famous sons are breaking so many girls’ hearts! Sons of stars gained their celebritie...
27-03-2018 18:51

City cars: the coolest for 2018

Purchase a city car is your next goal" This season, actually, is perfect: when sunny days are back, one-day trips outside the city are the things to d...
27-03-2018 18:51

10 things for the ultimate fashionista room

The bedroom is our safe shelter, the space where we feel more confident and where we can express our style the most. If we’re talking about a fashio...
26-03-2018 18:52

Sunglasses: 10 trends to wear in spring summer 2018

Since spring has officially arrived, sunglasses became once again our “never without” accessory. To walk toward hot and sunny days, we need to be ...
26-03-2018 18:52

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